Commission Prices

Discounts and Specials

- 10% For Twitter Followers
- 25% For Patreon Followers

Composition Type & Instruments

$2 Entirely MIDI Composition Basic instruments without mixing/mastering.
$6 Original Music Composition Includes free mixing/mastering.
$8 Non-Original/Remixes Includes free mixing/mastering.
$6 Autotuning/Pitch Correction


MIDI Instrument Part Using a basic non-realistic MIDI instrument. $2
Percussion (Non-MIDI) For all the percussion sounds (without articulations). $3
Instrument Part (Non-MIDI) Higher quality instrument sounds. $5
Added Articulations/Automations Continuious changes to the characteristic of a sound and "realism". $3
Samples & Ambience Non-percussive background parts. $4
Recreated Instrument Part An attempt at perfectly recreating part of another song. $8

Speed & Length

Slow speed (50 bpm) Approximately half price.
Average speed (100 bpm) No change
Fast speed (150 bpm) Approximately *1.5 price.

Multiplied by tempo/100

Half minute Half price
Single minute No change
Two minutes *1.5 price
Four minutes *2 price

If between 10 and 60 seconds: X = (1 - [seconds / 60]) * 100 | Take away X%
If over 1 minute: X = .25 * minutes + 1 | Multiply price by X


Editing $3 * (edits * length mult.)
Effects/Mixing/Mastering $1.5^parts
MIDI Instrument Replace $3 per instrument
Time Sig. & Tempo Changes $6 per change
Major changes to work *1.25 per change


I accept payments AFTER having done the work. Afterwards you will recieve the full file.
You will get one free revision suggestion. Afterwards, each revision will multiply the overall price by 25%.
If I myself don't feel the track is decent enough for portfolio, I will send a revision for free to fix what I dislike of it.

Using it as part of a project, commercial or otherwise. -
Share it for free or as something included in a bigger work. -

Current Commissions

Names Track Progresss
Empty N/A
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Empty N/A

Claim that you created it or make money directly off of it on its own. -
Sell direct downloads of it in an album/library unless stated otherwise. -

Sell direct downloads of the work unless stated otherwise. You will receive credit. -
Use similar melodies and rearrangements of the commissioned work in future works. -
Use the commission for my personal use to show it for portfolio. You will receive credit. -

Prices may be negotiable and increased for requested specifications,
guides given are an example of what to expect at most.